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Updated: Dec 13, 2018

FALL/Christmas Newsletter 2018 to TBay Faith and Cam.Pres. Region 6 UCW groups, from the Manitou / Region 6

From the President’s Desk Well the fall few months have been busy with meetings and to say the least information overload. Were to begin…

The National UCW meeting in late September pronounced that the UCW was a unique Network within the United Church of Canada and could organize itself any way it wanted to organize. The vibes from across the country were varied. For some the new United Church administrative/bureaucratic reorganization would mean very little change as the region would remain the same as the former Conferences. For others the administrative/bureaucratic reorganization would mean real change what with many current Conferences would be divided into two or three new Regions. Many of the UCW representatives at this national meeting felt strongly that Presbyterials need to continue to allow UCW members to continue to gather in a close geographical area. WE DO NOT HAVE TO CLOSE OUR UCW PRESBYTERIALS. Indeed, I personally encourage existing UCW Presbyterials to continue with their service to their churches, and their communities. There is even no need to change the name of your Presbyterial bank account! At the National UCW it was announced that over the next two - three years the UCW could move towards whatever reorganization that was desired by each geographical region. Other news from NUCW is that now that the Bread Not Stones/Dolls of Hope/Poverty Doll initiative is finished we will be embarking on a new charity project with Women for Change in Zambia. You will find

more information about this project farther down in this newsletter. This is a three to four year charity fundraising will most likely end at our 60th Anniversary of UCW. Speaking of our 60th UCW Anniversary gathering, I know many folks were keen on having the celebration in Bermuda but after careful consideration it proved to be just too expensive and the location was decided by vote. Our 60th UCW Anniversary will be held in Sydney, Nova Scotia in 2022. Planning for this Nova Scotia event is now underway so stay tuned for details.

Like many of you who are not only UCW but representatives for your church or area at the Conference Level, I have taken part as your UCW President at the closing general meeting of Manitou Conference. It was at times a sad event as we said goodbye to Manitou but there was also electricity in the air as we met the new Executive Secretary for Region 6, Peter Hartman. The theme for this last Manitou General Meeting was ‘Dance with the Spirit’, so there was singing and dancing. I was up on the floor, cane and all, encouraging others to dance as well. I tapped a man named Peter, and said come along. I had no idea that he was our new ES!!! Afterwards I mentioned to him that he had met a member of his new UCW! I have enjoyed representing you all at the Manitou Conference executive meetings where, as you president, I sit as a member of the executive. It has been an honour. It is not a given that Region 6 will have a UCW representative at the executive meetings. Not all Conferences had a UCW chair on the executive. We were indeed fortunate to be recognized by Manitou Conference. I have written a letter to the Manitou Region 6 Transition Team respectfully asking/suggesting that there be a place for the UCW at the executive meetings. I will let you know what happens. If you feel strongly that the UCW should be at the Region 6 executive table please let the Manitou Region 6 transition team know your thoughts.

There was a meeting of the Manitou UCW at the home of Judy Biondi in North Bay. It was a good meeting for many reasons. We had good attendance with lots of representatives working on your behalf. Heddys Stevenson, from Algoma Presbyterial, was able to join us at the meeting where we welcomed her and made her a voting member of the meeting. This is one of the first steps to making us a Region 6 UCW. Heddys will be able to share news and happenings about our spring gathering with her sister groups in Algoma. We hope to have some of these new friends join us for the spring meeting.

You are invited to…Manitou Conference UCW AGM The Spring Gathering will be held in the Sudbury area. The ladies of Sudbury Presbyterial are busy setting up details. We will keep you all informed as details become available.We do know that fees will be collected at the door and that registration will be $40.00 for this 2 day event. The fee covers meals and entertainment. Spring Book Exchange At our UCW executive meeting we thought that we might try a book exchange at our 2019 AGM. So once you have read all the books you have purchased at the UCW events with Book Tables set with materials from the UNHCR or the Five Oaks Book Store be sure you pack them up for the spring AGM. We would ask for a small donation to make an exchange and the funds would go to the designated charity. What a great way to make room on your book shelves and restock for future reading. Sharing News from out and about … Notes for this section depends entirely on folks sending me information from their church.

Chapleau UCW is busy with two teas a year, monthly Soup Kettle, and Carnival Super. They participate in a Suitcase Project each year providing suitcases with essentials for children that need to leave home in a hurry. Cochrane St Paul’s UCW, reports that the group although small with only 7 members continues to prepare for the Christmas Bazaar. The ladies help out with regular church events such as supporting the Christmas Music Marathon, an all say continuous Christmas music played by three ladies of our church and the lighting of the town Christmas tree which is located on church land. Englehart UCW reports that they are joining with the Presbyterian Women in their new combined church. The Presbyterian women live by the rule of the 5W’s…We Will Work Won’t We. The UCW teas now make more funds by accommodating takeout orders and have had up to 200 orders to fill at times! Iroquois Falls Trinity UCW, reports that they are continuing with their Wednesday luncheons,bake salesand their popular Snow Flake Bazaar. They continue to be surprised and pleased with their growing membership. North Bay Emmanuel UC hosted their 50th annual Turkey supper and served over 250 people!! North Bay Trinity UC was one of the hosts for the closing Manitou Conference General Meeting in October. The UCW is now preparing for their Christmas Bazaar and tea. Thessalon Zion UC ladies have joined all the Thessalon churches to create a community Christmas pageant Timmins Porcupine UC UCW, continues to enjoy lots of laughter at their meetings. They are preparing for their Christmas luncheon and bazaar as we go to print. New Liskeard St Paul’s has only three members official but they are extremely active and enjoy the support from all the ladies of the church. The Victorian Christmas Market and Lunch is their upcoming event. Sudbury St Peter’s had a HUGE garage sale the end of October and are preparing for the Christmas season as we go to print. Note: these comments on UCW church life have been gleaned from facebook pages that I have been able to visit. It seems that people are somewhat reluctant to send information for this newsletter. All I can do is say, please do not be shy and send along information. We can also post your events on the Manitou /Region 6 UCW facebook page so that people who may be visiting your area can also attend your event. Photos of events are also welcome. I had the privilege of visiting three Christmas Bazaars in United churches in my area. There were lots of baked goods, lovely handmade crafts, and of course camaraderie over tea with delicious soups, sandwiches and oh those baked goodies. Thank you to these churches for extending the invitation and for your warm welcomes. One of the Bazaars was on a weekday afternoon and it was ell attended. This might be an idea for some other groups who are finding the Saturday events crowed out with other community events.

Remembrance day 2018 Many United churches across the country rang out their bells 100 times for the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War l.

Our UC W Vice President Rita OLink and her friend Dar Hansen laid a wreath on behalf of the LBTQ2S community in Onaping on November 11. The local MPP, France Gelinas. spoke to this in the Ontario Legislature as being the first such wreath of dedication to be presented in Ontario.

Some musings on future UCW… WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MANITOU/REGION 6 UCW? We in Northern Ontario are fortunate in not having to face a big division but rather gathering of new geographic areas to our administrative/bureaucratic Region 6. At our Manitou UCW executive meeting in October we were pleased to welcome Heddys Stevenson from Algoma Presbyterial. This is a first step to move Manitou UCW to Manitou/Region 6 UCW. Since then I have reached out to several contacts at churches in Cambrian Presbyterial. We are looking forward to meeting new friends. It is my personal hope that our existing Presbyterials in the new Region 6 geographical area will continue to thrive. It will be up to each Presbyterial to continue if they wish. So far as I have seen it sounds as if North Bay, Sudbury and Algoma Presbyterials will continue. Cambrian Presbyterial will be divided so it will be up to you ladies to decide if you wish to form a Presbyterial within Region 6 or join one of the existing Presbyterials. Those ladies of the former Spirit Dancing Presbyterial (the northern portion of the former Manitou Conference) will also have to decide to join an existing Presbyterial or not. WHAT ABOUT ANNUAL FEES? There will still be annual fees. The National UCW will be considering individual membership for those ladies who do not belong to a formal UCW but who still wish to belong to National UCW at their next National UCW Meeting in September 2019. Normal annual UCW Fees which were paid by each unit were broken down as follows: $1.00 per member is forwarded to National UCW to sponsor the NUCW meeting, life membership, statistics gathering for the United Church, sponsor NUCW Charity projects and our 5 year anniversary celebrations, the National newsletter ‘Keeping in Touch’ etc. $4.00 per member is forwarded to Conference (now Regional UCW) to sponsor representation at NUCW, Conference/Regional representation, the annual gathering etc. $?.00 per member the amount determined by your Presbyterial is retained by your Presbyterial to sponsor projects, meetings and gatherings in the Presbyterial. In the past it has been your Presbyterial treasurers who have received the payment and who have sent required fees to the Conference and National UCW. If your own Congregational UCW does not wish to continue to support a specific Presbyterial or no longer has a Presbyterial but wishes to still be a registered UCW with Region 6 and NUCW then future fees of $1.00 to NUCW and $4.00 to Regional UCW for a total of $5.00 per member should be forwarded to the Region 6 (whatever our name will be). If you Congregational UCW wishes to be part of a Presbyterial then fees charged by the individual Presbyterial along with National’s $1.00 per member and the Region’s $4.00 per member will all go to the Presbyterial treasurer as it has been done in the past years.

Region 6 needs a new Name Region 6 will be getting a new name…something other than a number! In fact the request for naming our new region has gone out. If you have any ideas for a name for the new northern Ontario Region 6 please let members of the transition tem know! So far only Region 1 has named itself, they are now Pacific Mountain Region. Be forewarned the transition team smiled politely before turning down the suggestion of Black Fly Region for Region 6! So put on your thinking caps ladies. We need a new name!!!

Birthday / Anniversary Corner…Congratulations one and all! Happy Birthday to our UCW president, Dawn. While she freely admits to being over 25 she has not told us how many years she is past 25!!! Her birthday was October 27.

Happy 40th anniversary to Judy and John Biondi of North Bay. They are currently touring Australia and visiting relatives there to celebrate their anniversary. Judy is the Past president of Manitou UCW.

Please send us your birthday and anniversary milestones celebrated in your UCW.

A smile to share… Question?... What Do They Call Pastors in Germany?

A... "German Shepherd"... Of Course!

Re-purposing Life Membership Pins Did you know that when a life member passes that their life membership pin may be ‘re-purposed or re-registered to another new life member? Many families leave the pin with the person who has passed but if not then they could give it to the local UCW to be presented to another UCW member. The UCW guideline page 20 reads: Although Life Memberships are not transferable, for sentimental reasons a request may be made to present a previous recipient’s pin to a current deserving member. The application process and two-thirds ($40.00) of the cost of the Life Membership needs to be paid to cover the costs other than the cost of the pin. I for one would find it a privilege to wear the pin of a previous life member.

Women for Change …Zambia This United Church Mission and Service Partner is to have the support of the NUCW for the next few years. Girls in the Zambia are not often allowed to continue with their schooling after what we call grade school. The custom is for girls at a very young age to marry keep house and have children. Education for girls is not considered important. However we know that if you educate a girl you educate a family. Girls who become educated know more about good health for themselves and their future families. Girls who are educated often enter into micro home businesses to help with a family income. Girls who become educated help with the country’s overall health and boost the country’s economy. The Gift’s With Vision catalogue this year reports at for $25.00 we can provide basic school supplies. $200.00 can contribute to tuition, bursaries and teacher supplies. The NUCW will be providing more information on exact support in the near future. Women for change have a facebook page so you can see some of their projects. They also have a web page but it seems to be under construction with more information that will be added. WWW.wfc.org.zm. The goal of Women For Change – Zambia is a society that upholds gender equality. Please join UCW groups across the country in joining to raise funds for this NUCW project. We raised over $250,00.00 for out last international charity project…now lets see what we can do with this new project.

Got to love those church signs… This would certainly make for an interesting service if everyone on this sign accepted the invitation to come to service !!!!

EDGE Network is pleased to offer communities of faith the opportunity to obtain a Public Performance Video Licence at great cost savings! We have negotiated a video licensing agreement with Criterion Pictures and Audio Cine Films (ACF) Inc., who represent most of the major distributors, including Paramount, Universal, Alliance Atlantis, New Line Cinema, Miramax, Disney, Veggie Tales, and many, many more! There are many ways to use video in your congregation, including during worship, fundraisers, family nights, youth group events, and education programs. It is our hope that the availability of this licensing arrangement will be one more tool that supports your ministries in creative and just ways. This year, we are able to offer this program nationwide! If you were to pursue a licence directly, it would cost you hundreds of dollars. For an annual licence at $1.50 per person (based on your average Sunday attendance as reported in the 2017 Year Book) plus tax, this new option through EDGE helps to keep your costs down. Let’s do this legally! For more information, please e-mail Alexandra Belaskie or phone 1-800-268-3781, ext. 4157.

I am certain that I have forgotten some things that people are uncertain about with our future. Please feel free to message questions on our Manitou/Region 6 UCW facebook page or you my email me at dawnmonroe@gmail.com Until next time I want to wish everyone a blessed Advent season and a blessed Christmas. May 2019 be a year of many blessings with good health, camaraderie and peace for all UCW units family and friends.s behind us... our parents, grandparents... 7 generations behind us.. who we are and what we are is because of them.. they’ve brushed and made the trails we have been walking up till now... the old people tell us that it takes longer for us to heal today and the reason is because the old trails our ancestors used to use to find us have been destroyed... they’ve build dams which have destroyed the old trails... they’ve build towns and cities where the old trails used to be... so now our ancestors are having a harder time trying to find us to help us heal... the next seven represent the 7 sacred teachings... love, respect, honesty, courage, wisdom, truth, and humility... the old people tell us how simple, powerful and beautiful the teachings are... love- a very simple teaching... respect- a powerful teaching... humility- a beautiful teaching... when we truly understand the teaching of humility... that I am not any better then anyone else and you are not any better then me... that at the end of the day we are all simply human beings... this is what makes this teaching powerful and beautiful... the only thing wrong with the teachings is that we don’t walk them everyday... love is only a 4 letter word... it’s when we walk that love, when we show it, when we live it... that’s what makes these teachings powerful and beautiful... one other thing we are reminded is that how can we love someone else if we don’t First love ourself... how can we respect another if we don’t First respect ourself... they tell us that the teachings need to first start from within ourself... the last 7 strands... those 7 generation in front of us... our children, grandchildren... those children yet to be born... why are they important... everything we do to Mother Earth will one day affect them... right now the earth gives us everything and anything we can possibly want to have the life we have... but if we don’t look after her, what’s going to be left when it’s their turn... the circle that’s around me today, is that the same circle I want to pass on to them... especially if my circle involves alcohol abuse, drug abuse, family violence, lying, stealing or cheating... sometime it’s up to us to break the cycle... and hopefully replace it with something better ... we put those 3 braids together... they represent yesterday, today and tomorrow... mind, body and spirit.... man, woman and child... man, woman and Creator .... When my son was born I made him a promise that we wouldn’t cut his hair till he was 7... we cut it 8 years ago, he’s 15 today... but when he was 4 years old he already knew this teaching... because every morning as I’d get him ready for daycare, I’d braid his hair... I’d ask him... Misko what does your braid represent ... sweetgrass he’d say... what does sweetgrass represent my boy I’d ask... kindness he’d say... and what does each of your braids represent my boy... my mind, my body and my spirit was his reply... ok what are you going to do at daycare today my boy I’d ask... dad!!!! I’m going to be kind to my mind, my body and my spirit he’d say... awesome my boy!!! What’s going to happen if you do that today my boy I’d ask... he’d say... dad! I’m going to be STRONG !!!! You see that’s the second teaching that comes with this medicine... it’s through our kindness that we are most strong... anybody can raise their fist at anyone else... anyone can use their words to hurt or put someone down... but when we have someone in our face trying to hurt us with their actions or words... and to still love, respect and show that person kindness... that takes a lot of strength !!!!our parents, grandparents... 7 generations behind us.. who we are and what we are is because of them.. they’ve brushed and made the trails we have been walking up till now... the old people tell us that it takes longer for us to heal today and the reason is because the old trails our ancestors used to use to find us have been destroyed... they’ve build dams which have destroyed the old trails... they’ve build towns and cities where the old trails used to be... so now our ancestors are having a harder time trying to find us to help us heal...

A Christmas Prayer #39 Voices United Generous God, You gave your only-begotten Son To take our nature upon him, And be born of your chosen one, Mary. Grant that we, who have been born again And made your children by adoption and grace, May daily be renewed by your Holy Spirit; Through our Saviour Jesus Christ, Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God now and forever. Amen.

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