Has Zatoun a future in TB area?

Hi Everyone, Blessings to you from Halifax. I am hoping... or, more direct, my question is: "What about the Zatoun products?" As you may know, Zatoun is a fair trade company out of Toronto that brings fair trade products from Palestine to Canada, as a way to bring awareness to us about the social justice I used to sell Zatoun's olive oil, herb mixes and 100% olive oil soaps at Cambrian presbytery, and before me it was Rev. Lillian, from Knox Shuniah, who actually started bringing the Zatoun products to Thunder Bay. I moved to the east coast, I am not aware that there is a new person or committee that can take this on? If you think you would be able to find the right person or form a small group of 2, in your congregation to restart Zatoun again? I can help with sharing my experience, there is not much to it. I can answer questions you might have. Thunder Bay is a perfect area for Zatoun. I am sure people will spread the oil and help building awareness on social justice. Peace with you, Jacomyn

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