Trinity Easter News letter

Minister’s Message

I remember the winter of 1995 and how we had the worst blizzard I can recall. I had actually left the day before because my father had died, and just heard about what was going on here from Melida, and how everything was completely shut down. When I came back, I couldn’t believe the huge piles of snow – that only got bigger and bigger as the winter continued. It’s indelibly etched in my memory.

I suspect that this time in our history will be indelibly etched in all of our memories. The difficulty now is that we’re in the middle of it, we have no perspective, we don’t know if it’s going to get much worse, or if the measures taken will bring relief. The uncertainty and the fear are fraying our nerves and our community.

So how are we to be the church in the midst of a pandemic? How can we be a community when our doors are locked? How can we not help but feel alone when we are self-isolating?

For me, I hold on to the words of the angels announcing the birth of the Jesus: “Fear not!” The angels weren’t saying that there’s nothing to fear – there was. Herod and the soldiers were coming, death was coming. But the angels were saying that even in the midst of the terror and the violence and even the death that was to come, history is in the hands of God, and if we trust in God, we will be provided with the resources we need to make it through. Our faith will provide the resilience we need to cope and recover. Our faith will provide the courage we need to face the challenges and uncertainty that lies ahead. And our faith will overcome our fear and even our panic that threatens to overwhelm us.

In the Middle Ages during The Plague, a priest in Germany was burying multiple parishioners every day. Then his wife and children were taken. But when Easter came, he wrote a hymn entitled “Now Thank We All Our God.” After a verse of gratitude and praise, he wrote: “O may this bounteous God through all our life be near us, with every joyful hearts, and blessed peace to cheer us, and keep us strong in grace, and guide us when perplexed, and free us from all ills in this world and the next.”

In the days ahead, don’t forget to be grateful, don’t forget to invite God’s presence into your worry. Be strong in grace and seek God’s guidance when perplexed, be a source of peace and calm to those around you – that you may be freed from all ills, in this world and the next.

For remember: Easter is coming!

Stay safe everyone!



As this Easter approaches, we are filled with questions. Will our churches be open? How long will Social Isolation need to be practised? Services have been planned and I will share them as follows:

No Maundy Thursday Service

Good Friday – Harmony United Church (on line at 11:00 am)

Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday - at Trinity (probably on line at 10:30 am)

Under the latest confinement of people, places and many things, I would suggest that everyone stays tuned for updates. But…

We need to remember that Easter takes us on a new journey. Easter renews and restores us. Easter has shown us God’s love in the Risen Christ. And, from a book my Dad gave me in 1980, “WHAT LIES BEHIND US AND WHAT LIES BEFORE US ARE TINY MATTERS COMPARED TO WHAT LIES WITHIN US.” Blessings to everyone this Easter season!

Stewardship Note (Jim Jackson)

In the last week life for all of us has changed because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are practicing Social Distancing. The Church is not available for Community Worship. Trinity is continuing to have Trinity Live but on March 22 there was a serious overload of the system and it may only be available in archive form. Meetings are being held via electronic means.

BUT, Trinity is still here for you.

I need to remind everyone who receives this Newsletter that Trinity needs your financial support in order to keep serving the Congregation and the larger community. We require about $3,000 per week to meet our normal operating expenses. Since the beginning of this year our donations have fallen behind in every week. At the March Council meeting the Profit and Loss Statement shows a -$13,438 or -$2,779 deficit per week in operating.

What can I say? Trinity needs the support of everyone. Please give as you are able. As is usually done, an Easter envelope is enclosed with this newsletter. Please mail or drop off the envelope in the mail slot at the Algoma Street entrance.

THANK YOU COSBEY FAMILY If you watched the March 22 service on line you will have appreciated the musical contribution by the Cosbey Family. Not only was the musical offering provided by Thomas, Peter, Michelle Zapf- Belanger, Catherine and Sandra Cosbey, the hymn singing was led by the entire family – Robert, Mariko, Nozomi, Kenji, Carl, and musicians already noted. We truly appreciate the contribution they made to the service. There was even an occasional peek from toddlers Eleanor and Hiroto Cosbey.


- Carol Forneri was appointed Chair of Ministry & Personnel

- Council till searching for Trinity Shelter House Coordinator

- even though Trinity has not taken the official training to become an Affirming Church, Trinity has been an affirming church for many years. Everyone is welcome.

- the Waverley Park Worship in the Park Service is scheduled for June 21

- Council still researching use of name tags for Sunday Services

- a Gospel Elvis Impersonator Concert for early June is still being researched. The Choir will be asked if they will coordinate it.

- a defibrillator for Trinity continues to be researched

- Property, Jean Murray, reported that a firm has been located that will clean and provide maintenance to the solar panels

- a 6-week evening Bible Study is currently being led by Rev. Randy. Max Lucado’s video series entitled Travelling Light is being utilized with discussion (now cancelled). The Annual Outdoor Retreat will be held on July 4.

- plans are going well for the March 28 Antique Fair (now cancelled)

- the TB United Church Cluster meetings continue under Rev. Rob Smith’s chairmanship. Eleven people were in attendance at the meeting of March 7 - all but two churches were represented. Each church reports on their current activities and it is hoped that the group will eventually select a mutual project that can be undertaken together.

- Waverley Park United Churches Committee will exchange pulpit announcements to seek Trinity cooperation with the Isthmus project and St. Paul’s cooperation with Shelter House

- Pat Jackson, Worship, noted she is currently working on obtaining pulpit supply for May and June. Trinity will be closed in July this year. Pulpit supply is also being organized for August. Easter Worship Services were noted. (The events/dates are noted elsewhere in the newsletter).

- Social Chair, Lee-Ann Smetaniuk noted that Bob and Larysa Turko-Angell will be presenting a Travelogue of their trip to Europe at the April 3 Pot Luck. (now cancelled)


- the Community of Faith Profile was approved by Canadian Shield Regional Liaison, Joy Bott, and will now go to the congregation for final approval. The Profile Team is responsible for putting together the Ministerial Search Committee.

- Sunday Services for March 22 and 29 will only be available on line. Click into (All church activities are cancelled)

RETIREMENT DINNER FOR REV. RANDY This event is scheduled for May 2 at the Prince Arthur Hotel. Plans are currently on hold and will be revisited in early April. Watch for details.


The following slate of Officers and Committee Members make up the composition of the Trinity Council as of the February 23, 2019 Annual Meeting of Trinity Church:


Chair Jim Jackson Christian Education Marlene Perrier

Past Chair Anne MacDonald Finance & Stewardship Jim Jackson

Chair Elect ______________ Ministry & Personnel Carol Forneri

Secretary Patricia Gillies Property Jean Murray

Treasurer Les Mayes Pastoral Care Roberta Wood

Presbytery Reps Jim Jackson & Social Lee-Ann Smetaniuk

Jack Buckley Worship Pat Jackson

Roll Clerk Helen Pierce Outreach Shane Judge

Members-at-Large Gary Salonen Communication Gary/Josie Salonen

Jack Buckley

Ric Windsor

Multi-Site Technology Shane Judge Trustees Chair (TBA)


Christian Education Finance/Stewardship Ministry & Personnel Outreach

Marlene Perrier (C) Jim Jackson (C) Carol Forneri (C) Shane Judge (C)

Carolyn Enns Les Mayes (T) Jack Buckley Carolyn Enns Maureen Judge Jack Buckley Sheila Colquhoun

Gary Salonen Heather Schiewe

Josie Salonen

Multi-Site Technology Property Pastoral Care Worship

Shane Judge (C) Jean Murray (C) Roberta Wood (C) Pat Jackson (C)

Minister of Music Tony Gillies Mary Louise Roach Janet Buckley

Tech. Rep Rob Colquhoun Elizabeth Sutton Joan Gerow

Tech. Rep Dave Else Anne MacDonald

Worship Rep Daina Tozer


Gary Salonen - Newsletter Social Josie Salonen - Newsletter

Lee-Ann Smetaniuk (C) Lorna Plant (Facebook/Twitter)

Lori Desimone Marion Agnew (Chat-line)

Minister: Rev. Dr. Randy Boyd


­­­­Carol Forneri Ken Brooker Frank MacDiarmid Helen Pierce Joan Wheeler Peter Young

Min Sun-Chen (Honourary)