Get to Know our Clergy

Originally from Waterloo, Ontario, Randy took his training at St. Andrew’s College on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan.  His doctorate in education is from Lakehead University where he studied the educational value of video games.


Randy believes in “original blessing” more than “original sin.” His messages focus on how to live a meaningful life and how this involves making choices that can involve sacrifice as well as joy. As one of his favourite hymns puts it: “Since what we choose is what we are, and what we love we yet shall be.”


Randy has been serving Trinity United for almost twenty-five years. Both he and Trinity United seek to be inclusive, compassionate, and passionately involved in the community around them.  


Trinity United is the oldest Protestant church in the region, and was first formed by those who wanted to give thanks to God for having successfully survived the ocean voyage. At the turn of the century the beautiful stone edifice on the corner of Algoma and Waverley was erected to make a statement that this was a community here to stay. 


Under Randy’s leadership, Trinity’s pioneering heritage has continued as it has embraced the future in a variety of technological experiments. Multi-site ministry for instance, using video conferencing technology, now enables different congregations to worship together. At you can watch recordings of these services.


Randy is excited about the many ways technology can now support faith communities in ways that were unthinkable only a few years ago, and is determined to explore its broader potential. 

Rev. Dr. Randy Boyd


Harmony United Church is vacant

Rev. Susan Ivany

Susan has been in ordained ministry for sixteen years and at Westminster United Church on River Street for thirteen of those years.She loves to preach, and works with the Worship Committee to create lively, fun, and thoughtful worship experiences week by week.


In her time at Westminster, the congregation has become an Affirming Ministry which, in the United Church of Canada, means that all are truly welcome. We display the rainbow flag proudly as a sign to the LGBTQ community that this is a safe and welcoming place to be.


Susan encourages relationship with scripture, in the sense that growing in faith and wisdom requires both being challenged by scripture and also challenging what we find there. She takes the bible too seriously to take it literally.


Westminster is an exciting place to share in the ministry of the whole people of God, and Susan is thankful to be part of it. 


Rev. Rob Smith


After a couple years as minister at st.Paul's UC in Thunder Bay, Rob is now minister at Pinegrove UC in Rosslyn, just minutes outside Thunrde Bay.
Rob comes to us from Prince George, BC where he has been the minister at Knox United Church for the last seven and a half years. While serving the people at Knox Rob has also been involved as a chaplain at the University of Northern British Columbia and as a member of the Ethics Committee of the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia.  He has also served as secretary of the Prince George Ministerial Association.  He is the past chair of Cariboo Presbytery and a member of the BC Conference Executive.  He has helped create a lay training program for Cariboo Presbytery.  In his spare time Rob likes to hike, mountain bike, read murder mysteries and do yoga.  He also learned to square dance in Prince George.

Since 1985 Rob has served the church in many diverse locations from Yorkdale in the heart of Toronto, to Madera in the San Joaquin Valley in California, to the First Nations village of Bella Coola on the central coast of British Columbia.  He has also been a social work and a retail sales manger.

Rob shares his life with two cats; Rusty and Yoda.  His mom lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario and his brother lives in Tobermory.

Rob is passionate about finding ways to keep the story of our faith alive for the next generations and making a positive difference in our world.

Rev. Louise Hart

First Wesley united church. 

Hi, I’m Rev. Louise Hart — the new minister at First-Wesley United Church. In January 2020 I moved up here from Hamilton, Ontario. I am excited about the opportunity to serve in this city and I look forward to the many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and the lively arts, culture and food scene that this region is blessed with.


Ministry is a second career for me. I was a French Immersion primary school teacher before I answered the call to ministry. I attended Emmanuel College in Toronto which is part of the Toronto School of Theology. I enjoyed taking courses at the other denominational colleges - Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian. Each denomination provides a different window on faith. We can learn from one another.  I also appreciated the strong emphasis on social justice as it relates to the gospel message of love and inclusion. 


While I believe that a person can relate to God as an individual, I believe we can learn more about God when we gather as a community. I also believe we can achieve more when we work together on a common mission.  I look forward to working with First-Wesley UC in strengthening our faith through spiritual practices and using our collective energy and resources to improve the spiritual, physical and mental well being of the local community.  It’s a big call but with God’s help we hope to make a difference.


Thank you, Rev. Louise Hart